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Guangdong karel robot has a strong research and development team of nearly 300 people with rich experience and high comprehensive quality. The research and development team has more than 10 years of industry experience, has rich theoretical and practical experience, has professional customized design and product research and development ability, and fully meets the needs of customers in production. At the same time with a large number of experienced, well-trained production technicians, with superb technology, advanced production and testing equipment experience, for customers to produce the best quality products.
Not only that, karel provide all-round services exceed customer expectations, for the customer with professional after-sales service personnel, to provide customers with all-weather 24-hour telephone service technical assistance, we are committed to provide 4 hours door-to-door repair service range, zhongshan city, to provide customers in the pearl river delta within 8 hours door-to-door service, provide customers in guangdong province area 24 hours door-to-door service, take the customer as the center, providing the most perfect service!

Karel robot can help you ↓ 

| Expand production capacity and improve production efficiency;
|Improve product quality and consistency;
|Reduce the waste of raw materials and improve the yield;
|Reduce labor force and save labor cost;
|Improve production safety.