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Through unremitting efforts over the years my company to absorb foreign advanced after-sales service management and maintenance of the operation mode and ripe experience, and established a complete set of after-sales service system, can according to the different requirements of customers to provide different patterns of after-sales service, in the guarantee equipment under the premise of safe and reliable operation, make the customer's investment costs to a minimum, and achieve the best economic benefits.

1. During the contract warranty period, the company shall provide all-round maintenance. During this period, the company shall undertake the user training, maintenance, overhaul, targeted repair, technical consulting services, and repair and replacement costs of vulnerable parts and parts caused by natural wear and tear or natural damage.

2.Party a shall provide party a with spare parts at cost within the service life of the equipment. 

3. Call for repair service 24 hours a day. After receiving the maintenance call, the after-sales service department will make written registration and deal with it quickly to ensure that customers have no worries at home. 

4. Our company has maintenance service stations in all offices across the country, and sets up a special spare parts warehouse in this project, which reserves the electrical components of vulnerable parts and enough major spare parts at any time, with a complete variety of spare parts, so as to replace the damaged parts in the shortest time and ensure the timely and normal operation of the equipment. 

5. Provide lifelong free technical consulting services. 

6. During the service life of the equipment, our company provides free training for the management personnel who are replaced due to the resignation of the management personnel of the owner's mechanical garage


|Based on the needs of users, master the core technology, create affordable products for the majority of users, to provide more than expected services for the majority of users


Whole process service:from pre-sale to sale to after-sales, karel service implementation of the whole process.
Round-the-clock service:provide customers with professional after-sales service personnel, provide customers with round-the-clock telephone technical assistance services.
The most timely service:we promise to provide customers in zhongshan within 4 hours of on-site maintenance services, customers in the pearl river delta region within 8 hours of on-site maintenance services, customers outside guangdong within 24 hours of on-site maintenance services.